About Us


I am Brandi Rhoden, better known as Bee. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who curated this brand out of a personal need. I am a huge advocate for mental health in the black community, specifically for women and girls. Since my early teenage years, I've always struggled with thin eye lashes and brows. This resulted in me having low self-confidence and self-esteem. My personal therapist instilled the power of using positive affirmations for healing and to boost my confidence. She also helped normalize the use of cosmetic items in that it is ok to wear beauty enhancements because that is what they were created for. From this, Beauty by Bee was birthed. 

Beauty by Bee is an affordable cosmetic brand whose mission is to empower you as a woman by teaching you skills improving your self-confidence so you can feel like the queen and diva you were born to be. A positive affirmation card is included in every order for you to learn and recite.